The Boy and a Wolf | Part Two

The moon shined brightly as the color of the morning began to spill its light into the night sky. It created a soft hue of blue and purple—the type of shade that’s produced right before the sun rises. Silence fell over the forest as the boy laid awake beneath the willow tree. Dawn’s light painted a new face over what was once the dark surroundings of the night. However, the boy was lost in his own thoughts that these changes went unnoticed before his eyes. Beside him, the wolf also sat awake staring intently at the boy.

“What causes you to think, little one?”

Before the boy answered, some time passed—for how long, no one knew. Only silence flowed in this space.

“I don’t get why it’s so hard to connect. What is it about you or me, or anyone for that matter to just understand each other?”

The wolf continued to stare intently without breaking its glance; without skipping a beat.

“I like to think that our hearts are like deep oceans. None of us knows what could be lingering around at the bottom. We can only imagine by what springs up to the surface every now and then. But in those instances, when we see what surfaces, is when we may see their heart and understand who they are. In those moments, they share what’s in their ocean with us. That is how we connect.”

The boy stood up and took a few steps past the wolf as his eyes wandered into the depths of the forest.

“I would like to know what lingers at the bottom of yours as you know what lingers in the bottom of mine. But unfortunately, I don’t know what the depths of my ocean holds. If only you could know, then perhaps you also can uniquely make a boy like me named.”

The sun began to peek over the mountain top, gleaming its light over the horizon, robbing the moon of its nighttime brilliance. Until it was nothing more than a thin gray paper moon hanging in the sky.

The Sun’s Musing and The Moon’s Laughter.

“So, tell me Kaleb, How have you been?”

Two menus were neatly folded on the edge of the table. It seemed like she hasn’t opened them–perhaps to wait for Kaleb to arrive. He instinctively glanced at his watch and it read: 7:09PM. There was a window next to the booth where they were sitting. He was able to see the sun touch the horizon–sending a robust shades of orange into the sky. The streets were filled with cars and it always strangely caught Kaleb’s curiosity how people methodically go inside machines that takes them to-and-from places all over the city. At one moment, you could catch a glimpse of these people’s faces, and then the next, the memories of them vanish into the deep ocean of your mind, never to return to the surface again.

“Honestly Allie, it’s quite hard to sum up how I’ve been doing when we haven’t seen each other in a year.”
“That’s true! Since last August huh? Feels like it’s been longer than that but still, just give me a brief summary. Whatever you feel like sharing.”
“I started free lancing as a graphic designer. So I’ve been working on a few projects for several different jobs at the moment. Other than that though, not much. Ever since I graduated I haven’t been doing much besides looking for work.”
“Wow how awesome! That’s great to hear!”
“Thanks Allie. How long will you be staying here in L.A? I know you’re on a business trip but I’d like to know for how long.”
“For about one week. I will be leaving on Sunday morning. So basically six days.”

Once the waiter came by, he took our orders and left. The night was filled with reminiscent conversations, laughter, and the consumption of alcohol. The sun was no longer to be seen but now the moon had taken its place and with it, a set of stars burning brightly in their place. Allie was dressed very fashionably. Most likely because she got off of work and came straight to the restaurant. She let her straight brown hair down to her shoulders and wore elegant silver earrings. Allie’s skin was clear and free of blemishes except for the hint of red; probably because of the alcohol. All night a smile played around her straight lips and her round eyes never broke my gaze. She was truly beautiful.

“Allie I’ve never seen you drink this much. Something up? You usually always limit yourself.”
“Calm down Kaleb. Sometimes, people have to let go. Grab a few drinks, laugh loudly, sing songs, whatever helps you unwind.”

At this point, Allie’s entire demeanor changed. There was something hollow in her eyes and her warmth no longer remained in her words. She cupped her hands around her drink and twirled the contents with the straw. The atmosphere encircling Allie was something Kaleb had never witnessed.

“What are you saying? When did the concrete and logical Allie turn into such an emotional sap?”

There was a brief pause before she spoke. She seemed to completely ignore what he said. Almost as if she didn’t hear him at all.

“You know what I’ve always liked about you Kaleb? I was always drawn not by some noticeable, visible beauty or attraction, but by something deeper. It’s sort of hard to explain. Just as some people keep a secret love for rain, solitude, or nature, I also probably had this intangible pull towards you.”
“Wait what? Allie you have a boyfriend. Why are you saying things like that?”
“I don’t mean it like that silly.”

She faced her head down parallel to the table, with her hands still wrapped around her drink. She was quiet for some time. Kaleb’s face felt hot from the blood rushing to it–whether it was the alcohol or the strangeness of Allie’s behavior–he could not say. No words were able to form in his mind and manifest into audible sound. He sat there, giving himself up to silence.

“Kaleb, my boyfriend died last month.”

(Would you guys like to see a Part 2? I’m debating whether to progress this story further or not. Let me know what you guys think!)