Sinking, Floating, etc.

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Hello everyone! I hope all of you guys have been doing well. I know it’s been a long time since New Years. I miss interacting with all of you. I’ve been pretty stressed out this week and so this weekend I went to a museum in LA called The Broad. It was definitely refreshing for me and a good change of scenery. For those of you who live in SoCal, I would definitely recommend checking this place out for all the artsy people out there. The pictures I show does not do the place justice. I personally love museums and looking at artwork so here are a few pieces I enjoyed or found interesting. I honestly took a lot more pictures than this but I didn’t want to overwhelm you guys with too many. Hope you guys enjoy!

If you guys feel like, please leave a comment below! I’d love to know how you guys are doing and what you guys did this past week! Cheers!


25 Comments on “Sinking, Floating, etc.

    • Haha California is definitely a beautiful place to visit ! But I sort of want to see other places outside of California because I’ve lived here all my life.

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    • Thank you. It means a lot. I’ve been stressed because much has happened that I wish didn’t. I don’t want to go into detail. As for the title, it sort of describes how my week was in a nutshell.

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  1. Really nice photos. Cool art too actually; I’ve been trying to visit a few places near where I work over lunches, but so much of the art can be a little dreary. That place looks great

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  2. Love the photos. The Broad must be contemporary art; sometimes I don’t get much out of them – a bit far out for me, but you chose some studding images.
    Keep smiling! it helps.

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    • Thank you! It means a lot!
      Contemporary art is actually pretty far out for me too haha. So I’m with you on that one.
      Thanks I definitely will try πŸ™‚


  3. I also make many more mistakes typing on the computer than I did when at work (thank goodness) so your photos are “stunning” not “studding”!! You must have wondered what I meant!

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