The Year’s End.

Hello everyone! Sorry I’ve been gone for such a long time. I’ve just been so busy and I just got back from a retreat. Lately, I feel like I don’t know how to start my posts without an apology. I will work on that.

2015 is now officially over and 2016 is here to greet us. Honestly, it feels surreal. It hasn’t hit me yet that the year is done. It feels like it went by way too quickly. Even Christmas and Thanksgiving flew by like it never happened. It’s scary how fast time is flying. Today marks the first day of the new year. I’m sort of nervous but excited to see what it has in store for me. I think 2015 has been really hard. In fact, this year has been a year of real molding and testing for me. I’ve come to see and accept a lot of my struggles, mistakes, and failures. For a long time now, I’ve always gotten so frustrated with myself for messing up all the time. Something about me craved perfection–craved validation through my accomplishments. Little did I know that I was basically setting myself up to an unhealthy lifestyle. It became so refreshing and liberating once I accepted my faults and brokenness and laid them all down. It sounds like a basic fundamental and concept, but at times, I forget. I guess the biggest thing I learned this year is that life is short and the future is not guaranteed. So, treat every moment as if it’ll be my last, and treat every relational interaction as if it’ll be the last time I ever see them again. And the biggest thing I’m anticipating for 2016 is for me to enter into a season of truly being the best version of myself and living out my purpose in fullness. All in all, I’m truly grateful and blessed to have been alive through all of it and to still draw breath to this day.

What are some things you guys are looking forward to/expecting/anticipating for 2016?


20 Comments on “The Year’s End.

  1. Happy New Year to you! Yes, things have definitely changed a lot this year, eh? Whether personally or from the world itself, change is always happening, good or bad. Hope you’re well (almost done with your studies?), and let’s look forward to 2016! Take care.

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    • Thank you! Happy New Year’s to you as well! I appreciate it and your comments are always welcome.
      Yes, this year was quite crazy haha. I am doing well and I’m not quite done with my studies just yet. I hope you are doing well also. I’m sure you’ll be traveling a lot more this year, huh? Cheers!

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    • Thank you! And thank you for sharing. I wouldn’t consider myself an athlete, but playing sports here and there, I can imagine the difficulty. I wish you the best of luck my friend.


  2. Looking forward to 2016 for you, may it be a season of truly being the best version of yourself and living out your purpose in fullness. And this year I hope you’re able to value every moment and relational interaction with those you still have by your side. Enjoy 2016 really holding on to who or what matters most, traveling, writing, finding yourself, and learning to love yourself.

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  3. Nice post John. I to had to learn to accept (people, situations, myself…) as is and soon realized that life was a whole lot simpler than I realized. I still work on it, practice it but when I do I’m so much happier with me/my life. I wish you all the best in 2016!

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