December’s Musing.

Hey guys!
I know I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve just been so busy lately, but I’m officially on winter break! It feels so good to relax until I go back for Spring semester. I’ve actually been finished with school since last week but haven’t gotten around posting until now.

To be quite honest, I’ve been very stressed and a bit depressed lately. Something I don’t like to mention about myself is that I experience episodes of depression often. I think I really want to just get away. I’m glad I’m doing a lot of traveling over the winter (which I will post about more later). I really want to just take some time away from my busy routines and responsibilities, but perhaps that means I’m just running away.

It’s really hard to deal with obstacles when they are self-made. I become the writer of my own suffering–where my pen of grief meets the fragile paper of my heart. Dramatic? Yeah, probably but it feels like that a lot of the times. Christmas is just around the corner, a holiday that I’ve always loved, yet joy and excitement is slow to greet me this time around.

I need to push through.

How are you guys doing? How’s December been going for all of you?


28 Comments on “December’s Musing.

  1. I was feeling the same way at the start of December, as you I also struggle with depression episodes and the holidays is defenitly a time when emotions and feelings of loneliness and overwhelms come along, so going away for a little bit is always a good option. Remember tho you are not running away you are just simply dealing with things on your own way and at your on time. I hope you have a good holiday and that the traveling helps you come back home renew and refresh to start the new years!! Cheers!!

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    • Thank you. Your comment actually hits deep with me. I really appreciate your encouragement. Perhaps, it is just my own way of dealing with things. I hope you also have a great holiday! Thanks again !

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  2. I have had some obstacles of my own making as well. Mainly staying up too late and thinking. When I am tired, my mind goes to ugly places and to missing the ones who have gone before. Then I have trouble sleeping.

    Today I am doing healthy things so I sleep better tonight. I also told my husband about my struggle so he can encourage and help me.

    My son’s birthday is Christmas Eve. I know there will be times of sorrow this week, but I can choose to handle them well and look for the good things. Not always an easy task, but doable with Christ.

    Be blessed this Christmas week, my friend. Be blessed.

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  3. Itโ€™s really hard to deal with obstacles when they are self-made. I become the writer of my own sufferingโ€“where my pen of grief meets the fragile paper of my heart.

    Love this.

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  4. Your picture chosen for your header is absolutely beautiful.

    I can empathise with your progression to a very melancholy and pensive state which if not handled professionally, could unfortunately become depression. Please write more, truly and engage with your followers (like what you are consciously doing! It’s commendable, truly). Listen to music often!

    Depression is not a matter to be joked about and it is really scary because I have friends who were contracted with it and are facing a crisis now.

    Lastly, always have faith in yourself and be happy. Hopefully your road trips can help you achieve that John! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Hey, thank you. I really appreciate that. Your comment was very encouraging to me and it resonates deeply. I’ve been listening to music! Truly, it does help. I will try and write more often. Thank you for noticing my efforts to engage and interact with my followers! To be honest, it’s really awesome to see what all of you guys go through.
      And yeah, depression is quite an ugly thing. I do my best to fight though. But thank you. I’m trying very hard haha. I’m really grateful for your comment ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy holidays!

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      • My pleasure and no worries John! we humans require a little social interaction for survival and what you’re doing is mutually beneficial ๐Ÿ™‚

        Have a jolly christmas!!!


  5. You are not running away from your responsibilities – you need a break and well deserved by the sound of it. Take time to relax and enjoy your winter break. You will feel refreshed when you return for your Spring semester. Merry Christmas ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Thanks so much. Your words are very encouraging to me. I truly appreciate it. I really do hope that I will be refreshed. I hope you a happy holidays! Merry Christmas ๐Ÿ™‚

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