New Horizons.

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“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” –Andre Gide

Something that’s been resonating with me lately is the idea of home. They say home is a place of solace–a place of memories–where a piece of our soul is imbued to something meaningful. They also say you can build home where ever you like. I’ve been building a lot of things lately, but I don’t think home is one of them. This past year, as I’ve been blogging, going to school, attending church, investing time into my hobbies, etc., I feel as though I’ve lost my original purpose for everything. I’m at a place where I no longer know what I’m doing and why I’m doing them, but what I do know is that this life of mine must be made for more than this.

Sometimes, I just have to step back and take some time to look around. Every turn and every corner presents a life outside of mine–there’s something about this place–this place that is so full of inspiration. All I want is to be apart of it; to explore and uncover all things that are beautiful. More than anything, I want expand my horizons, see where I belong, and build home where ever I go. Thus, this is where I’ve arrived–to a place where for me, for now, is a journey to find me.


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  1. Your post, and the ideal photo inspired me too. “O my heart! O tender and fierce pangs—I can stand them not—I will depart; O to be a Virginian, where I grew up! O to be a Carolinian! O longings irrepressible! O I will go back to old Tennessee, and never wander more!” W.Whitman

    Congratulations on blogging one year!

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  3. Well wrote. The feelings and place if a person changes in inconceivably small amounts daily. One day we are far removed from what we thought was a starting point. Congrats on the year! Aimless wandering didn’t have to be pointless. “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows” Bob Dylan

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  4. I enjoyed reading your blog. Congrats on your one year anniversary. I would love to read more about your journey. It’s easy to get lost in a life on pleasing everyone else while putting yourself last. Please continue to follow your passions in life!

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  5. Nice post! Happy anniversary! I’ve found that the journey to self tends to unfold naturally as God continually navigates you through valleys and mountaintop experiences. Enjoy the ride. 🙂

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    • Thank you! That means a lot. I’m glad I was able to write something that resonated with you. If you don’t mind me asking, would you like to share what’s going on at this point in your life?


  6. Congratulations, John. I appreciate your honest sharing.
    “be easy.
    take your time.
    you are coming
    to yourself.” (— the becoming | wing, nayyirah waheed (via becomingroux)

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  7. “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11. You might not be sure-footed about the future, but God is already in your tomorrow… waiting for you to live it for Him. Bless you, bro! P.S. I have major wanderlust too. My favorite trip was to Iceland.

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    • Thank you. That’s a beautiful verse. I appreciate you sharing it with me. And yes, I know the Lord will guide me through!
      And how lucky! I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland. It’s definitely on my bucket list for sure!


  8. Wow. First of all, wonderful writing style. I love it. And I’ve looked through some other posts, and your pictures are incredible. I’m jealous. Second…I can’t explain to you how identical of thoughts I’ve been having recently. The idea of finding or making a home has been a huge theme in my life recently, and seeing this blog post had to be 100% God, because I really needed to see it. I’m so glad I did. Thank you.

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