The Paris Ordeal.

I know there’s been a lot of talk going on with what happened in Paris. I’ve seen it all over the news, all over Facebook, and all over WordPress. People have been posting about it nonstop. I’m sure it all came as a shock to all of us. I usually don’t post about things like this, but it had me thinking.

It wasn’t just Paris but many other places that also have taken a hit. Such as Beirut, Baghdad, and Syria. Now I’m not here to talk about why we should also focus on these other countries, or why people give Paris too much attention, etc etc. I just wanted to really personalize these events by recognizing that it thankfully didn’t happen here in American soil. This could’ve happened in Los Angeles, or New York. Those people who didn’t expect anything at all, died. It could’ve been us. One of our family members. One of our friends.

I think I took this as a reminder that life is short. We don’t know when we’ll die even though we may think and act like we’ll live forever, but that isn’t true. Our future is not guaranteed. So guys, let’s not take this life for granted and appreciate all that is beautiful. Please go home and give a family or friend a hug.


26 Comments on “The Paris Ordeal.

    • I’ve seen some posts about things unrelated to being thankful.
      But either way, this was just my own personal feelings towards the whole event. But you’re right. It does make us stop and think about the things we take for granted. I definitely agree πŸ™‚

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      • Sorry I didn’t mean for it to sound harsh or anything. I kinda rushed through that comment because I was doing something else!
        But yes. That’s true. There’s all sorts of posts… some not so pleasing to read as this one, unfortunately.

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  1. Thank you for your post, John. As an American currently living in France, your words mean a lot to me. Granted, I wasn’t there when it happened, but I have friends who are in Paris and were affected. Scary, I know, but it’s good to know that people all over the world are coming together to acknowledge this tragic event. Not only in France, but also in Lebanon, Syria, and so forth.

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    • You’re definitely welcome. I have a friend who also lives in Paris and he was affected by the damage. I’m glad to hear you’re alright. But definitely, it’s great to see community happening. Please stay safe and safe travels!

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  2. Thanks for posting this. The Paris attacks hit me really hard because my husband and I were just there, in that exact area, a little over a month ago. So the fact that we are still here and safe is tremendous. It breaks my heart for the people who weren’t so lucky.

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    • You’re welcome. And I’m so glad to hear that safe. You guys got out of there just in time. Yes, it is tragic. This is seriously such an unfortunate thing. God bless you.


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