Moments That Become Memories.

A couple of days ago, I had dinner with two good friends of mine. We ate and enjoyed each other’s company through the night. What’s funny is that whenever we do spend time together, it never ends normally. At first, everything seems normal. We have dinner, talk, maybe even have a few drinks, but after we finish one of us always suggests something random and spontaneous. For example, the night I was with my two friends, after we finished dinner one of them asked, “You guys want to go to a park?” It was 11:30PM. Who goes to a park at that time? We agreed anyways.

When we got there, we were alone. Of course no one else would be at a park around that time. The weather at night felt great. Lately, the day has been extremely hot so by night, it cools down but it wasn’t chilly. The perfect temperature to be out. The sky was filled with stars and the clouds hovered over us. The scene almost looked as if someone painted it. We walked over to the playground and we all laid down facing up towards the sky. Naturally, we exchanged conversations and shared a rather intimate moment between each other. Eventually, there was a pause–no one said a word. The only noise we could hear was the crickets chirping. This went on for how long, I couldn’t say. During this moment though, I realized how surreal it felt. Almost as if time had stopped just for us. If I think about it, in a third person point of view, someone wouldn’t think much of this. But because I was actually a part of this moment, to me it was beautiful. Isn’t is strange how perspective does that to us?

Subtle moments like these really do leave a timeless impression onto me. These are the kind of moments that make up our memories. They are scenes that carry a weight of sentiment that become forever engraved. As I was lying there that night, I realized and thought to myself, “This scene is going to be one of those.”


12 Comments on “Moments That Become Memories.

  1. Your “Moments that Become Memories” was a joy to read, John! I, too, relish and savour such moments that to some may not seem like much, but for me they feel indescribably rich and wondrous. 🙂 I wish you many more such moments!

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  2. I really enjoyed this post. I must admit I read it last night just before I fell asleep and all day today, while I was busy doing all my chores, it kept coming back to me. You are absolutely right, it really is the little things that seem so minuscule at the time that resonate through your memories forever 🙂

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  3. Absolutely wonderful and true. You managed to write it so beautifully without unnecessary ‘seasonings’. I too occasionally get this. For instance, I can’t stop recalling that sensation I felt on my ears while I was walking outside on one cold day. Like you said, it’s those small moments that become memories.

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    • Thank you! Your words are too kind.
      Interesting haha. It’s funny how strange certain things can somehow imprint itself into our memories–things that don’t seem all that important. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Nice read John. Unfortunately, too many people are distracted or careless about capturing such moments. I constantly find myself pausing to connect with my environment, especially when I’m hiking deep into the mountains…I become one with nature. Keep sharing man. Cheers.

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