A New Beginning.

School has officially started for me this week. I’ve actually been wanting to start school again but now that I have, I realized why school just doesn’t suit me. I absolutely dislike being tied down to some sort of schedule that I have to follow on a weekly basis. It makes me feel restricted and suffocated. Not that I’m saying I dislike school. I’m understanding that it’s education and something I need in order for me to progress somewhere in life. But I find myself daydreaming in class of my past memories and experiences of traveling and even the places I want to visit next.

The reason I love to travel is because it makes me feel liberated. To be in a place, another culture, another world that isn’t my own produces a certain ethereal feeling. That very feeling ebbs and flows into every crevice and corner within my being. I can’t get enough of it. This feeling is also found when I write. It brings me into another place that isn’t here, and as I write the contents of this new place, my own self slowly slips inside of it. I realized that behind all my writing and my attempts to travel, the driving force is that yearning for feeling liberty within myself.
As this new semester of school begins, hopefully it’ll also be a new beginning of something beautiful for me. Whether that may be having opportunities to travel, discovering more of myself, becoming a better writer, or even something unexpected, I hope I’m able to welcome all things and make the best out of all that happens.


4 Comments on “A New Beginning.

  1. Welcome back to school! I’m sure that you’ll have a good year, and by the time vacation break rolls around, you can get back to traveling!

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