Portland, OR.




Now this city was actually my personal favorite from all the cities that I’ve visited during my trip. I think because this place hasn’t blown up as a huge tourist spot yet, it wasn’t as crowded as San Francisco, which I really enjoyed. Also, there’s a huge consumption of culture here but isn’t particularly the same as the other cities I’ve visited. I’m not sure how to describe it but Portland has an undertone of artistic sentiments. In addition, the city architecture may look a bit like San Francisco but it’s as if the entire city rests on a forest–there’s literally huge trees everywhere! It’s definitely breathtaking. Not to mention you see wild animals on the streets! Some places to check out is Powell’s bookstore, Voodoo donuts, Portland’s distillery row (for those of you who enjoy breweries), Nike factory, and for those nature lovers, Crater Lake!

I personally enjoyed this city the most because of how cozy it felt there. Crowded areas and huge traffic is something I like to avoid. Portland was very home-like for me. A big dynamic of culture, beautiful nature, and a cozy community is how I’d define Portland. I would not mind living there if I could. A place I’d love to return to. Portland, you have a piece of my heart!


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