San Francisco, CA.




I know I haven’t posted in several weeks. I’ve just been so busy with things that’s been happening. So I apologize for my absence. There were preparations for school since it’s coming up right around the corner and I also went on a trip last week! I visited several different cities and I wanted to share them here.

San Francisco was beautiful! Almost looks like Los Angeles except there’s so many hills within the city. We had to park our car somewhere and basically did a lot of walking. Also, there’s no real parking lots anywhere! We had to constantly pay at parking meters every few hours because of time limits. The thing I liked about San Francisco is that there’s much to see and experience. For example, the Fisherman’s Wharf district, Ghirardelli Square, art museums, and of course, the famous Golden Gate Bridge. There is a huge consumption of culture here. Definitely a place worth visiting for those who haven’t yet. It’s a bit crowded because San Francisco is one of the major cities in California but also because it’s famous for tourists. Nonetheless, a place to explore. I am most likely going to visit again soon!


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  1. Good to have you back! San Francisco is amazing; it’s been several years since I’ve visited, but I never forgot how lovely it was. Lucky that you were able to go!

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  2. Those are really beautiful pictures! I love the Golden Gate Bridge one… it really captures it how I remember it… I wish I could come back sometime. It´s really such a beautiful city! Oh and I loved all the hills, like you said with a car it´s hard, but if you leave the car somewhere outside the city and walk or take the train, you can see a lot more from the city. That´s how we did it and I loved it!
    Great post! Makes me want to go there again…

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