A Woman and a Moon.

The sky had begun to change color. It was strange–the kind of tones it produced in between–where the orange of the horizon met with the violet sky. A crescent moon appeared to bid the sun farewell as it went to greet the other side of the world. This everyday occurrence never struck me as unusual until now. Most of the time, this happened without my knowing. As though the heavens exchanged secrets in my oblivion.

“Would you like more whiskey?”

The bartender looked like he was in his mid thirties. Dark brown hair fell over his forehead and his beard covered most of the face.

“No thank you. I’m good for now.”

He gave a warm smile and with a look of weariness, walked away to attend other customers. This was my usual spot I’d go to after work when I needed to wind down. I’d come here with a book and always ordered a few glasses of whiskey. This place was quiet for the most part. A perfect place to relax and think but strangely, today wasn’t. Crowds of people flooded the bar and the noise of conversations filled the air. It quickly became suffocating. I closed my book and gulped down the rest of my whiskey in efforts to leave.

“Gin and tonic with Tanqueray please.”

A voice came out from a young woman as she pulled up a chair and sat beside me.

“Whiskey huh? What book are you reading?”

I looked over at her in surprise–no words left me. She wore a gentle smile and looked quite young. Perhaps in her early twenties. She had straight black hair that rested lightly on her shoulders. There was something graceful about her demeanor; an essence of beauty escaped from her every gesture. Her eyes peered into mine. Not once, did they ever lose contact. Although, there was something cold about them.

“Just a novel I decided to pick up. You’re here alone?”
“Yup. Just ended work and decided to go for a drink.”
“Weird, that’s the same for me. I come here quite often. Usually it’s never this loud though.”
“Really? I come here often as well. Strange how I’ve never seen you until now! It seriously is loud here.”

The bartender came by and dropped off the Gin and Tonic and left. She then grabbed the straw and twirled around the ice and liquid that occupied the glass. She stared intently at her drink and went silent for some time. I looked at my watch and it read: 8:07PM. The sky was finally engulfed in darkness but this time the crescent moon had vanished.

“Hey, would you care to join me for a walk? The beach is right by here. Let’s get out of this place.”

She seemed very serious and I detected a hint of sadness in her voice. This sort of thing has never happened before which made me cautious but something inside of me wanted to accompany her.

“Excuse me, can we please get the bill? You can go ahead and put her drink on my tab.”

The bartender looked at me with confusion and a startled face. I stared back at him.

“Sir, you’ve been here alone the entire time. What other person are you talking about?”

In confusion I looked over to my side and the bartender was right–there was no one else. The Gin and Tonic had just been sitting in front of me the whole time; a pool of water formed around the glass. Panic filled my entire being and fear crippled my ability to speak. I slowly turned my head in hopes that she was there, but surely without a doubt, she had vanished. After paying the bill and thanking the bartender, I drove to the beach that was nearby. My watch read: 9:22PM. Once I arrived I ran to the shore, placed my feet into the wet sand, and looked up into the sky. As if to ask a question to such confusion, the sky gave no answer. The only thing before me was the aggressive waves of the ocean and still no crescent moon to be seen. Perhaps, it has vanished for the rest of time and the only memory of it will be when the sun left to the far side of the world as the moon bid its final farewell.


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