My Reasons.

it’s been several weeks since I’ve made a post. I apologize for my absence. Honestly, I’ve wanted to post frequently. I even have a few posts saved as drafts but just never got around to finishing them. Definitely though, I will be working to getting them finished. Yes, this isn’t my usual style of blogging. Since I always either write stories or write musings with my photography. Today I decided on going a bit raw and straightforward. Besides, this is my blog right?

It’s the first day of August and so I thought, “what better day than today to write a blog? Even if it’s an unplanned one?” So I’m literally writing as my thoughts and feelings come. The past few weeks has been really tough for me. I’ve had a difficult time producing work that I felt content with. Thus the reason for no posts. This doesn’t just happen for no reason though. I can’t produce anything when I’m having a hard time.

I’ve been having family issues for a long time now–several years actually. Usually, I do my best to cope and tell myself that it’ll all be okay but sometimes it isn’t that easy. There are days where my heart is tender and there are days where my heart is calloused. Either or, both have started and ended in pain. This is a brief description of what I’ve been going through this past couple weeks and also the reason why I haven’t been able to blog. Hopefully, as I enter into a new month and into a new season, I will start to blog again.


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