Joy in the Mundane.

Whenever I look at sunsets, it reminds me that the moments now are never forever. The sun may not change but my life does–each day brings a new month and then a new year–crazy how much time passes so quickly. It’s already nearing the end of July and I remember January like it was yesterday. Soon enough 2015 will be over and January 2016 will come around sooner than expected. Usually, whenever I reflect on how I’ve spent my time till now it’s usually a depressing report. Where the contents are about what I failed to do, the mistakes I’ve made, and the time that’s been wasted. Which is a toxic mentality in my opinion. I realized I focus too much on the negatives and overlook the subtle blessings in my everyday life.

It’s such a waste for me to carry these thoughts and rob myself of joy. It’s as if I’m holding a handful of beautiful pebbles but slowly I allow them to slip through my fingers. It’s ridiculous! I have every reason to be joyous and content despite how bad things might become. The fact that I’m alive and draw breath with each passing day is more than enough reason to smile. I need to stop being afraid that 2015 might not be spent well. There’s always beauty in mistakes, hardships, and suffering. A friend of mine once said, “Today is a great day to be alive.” That’s how he starts his mornings. Perhaps If I did the same, my own life would bend and shape itself according to that. There truly is a reason for joy in what seems mundane.


2 Comments on “Joy in the Mundane.

  1. Love the truthfulness in all your blogs. I have a similar problem with my mindset. Lately, when my mind starts racing about the year passing, or life passing, I remind myself that all we have is today. There’s no need to be anywhere else. 🙂

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    • Yeah definitely all we have is today. Makes us appreciate the moment doesn’t it? Haha. Thank you I appreciate your compliment very much 🙂


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