A Heart of Passion.


“John, would you consider yourself a passionate person?”

Not too long ago, a friend of mine asked me this question. I thought about it and at the moment I replied with a yes. I found myself being passionate about writing, photography, music, culture, and even nature. I could passionately watch ocean waves form and crash all day or even allow my heart to beat in tune to the notes of a piano piece. I felt like passion was close and ambition even closer than that. It is the driving force that helps me pursue these things. Thus, in my mind I believed this to be true, but later I realized that perhaps I’m truly not. I don’t know.
I’m passionate about the things that come easy to me. These things are all aspects of my innate self. As if they are a tangible manifestation of my very soul. So of course, I found myself to have a natural touch to them. They came with ease–an organic alignment. But what about the things that don’t come as easy? Am I still passionate? I’m not talking about hobbies anymore. I asked myself, “Are you passionate about things that come with a challenge?” For example, deepening my virtues or even self-progression. The answer was no. At this point, I couldn’t help but feel sort of confused and defeated. I want to ask all of you guys a question:

“Do you guys feel passionate about being the best version of yourselves?”


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