For the past few weeks it feels like a lot has happened but at the same time nothing happened. Is it just me or do you guys ever feel like you’re so busy doing things but nothing you did was truly productive?

Lately, I’ve been caught up doing my daily responsibilities, meeting people, and even reading a few pages of a novel. Yet, I just feel restless. I look at my weekly routine and sometimes I’m not doing anything that is progressive. I tend to lose focus of that. Where I’m not intentionally doing anything to further progress myself as a person–completely forgetting that every day should be spent as a step for growth. It’s very frustrating for me. I lose sight, vision, and clarity. People say I’m still young and that I don’t need to have such high expectations for myself. Still, I feel it gnawing at my heart. I wish I had more clarity. So that I could catch myself when I spend too much time wastefully.

Yes, I’m young but I don’t believe I’m too young to be ambitious for character. Whatever path that I must traverse, I hope I don’t ever lose sight of my goal and what it means to truly be alive.


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