Strolls on a Rainy Night.

Rain began to fall abruptly and without mercy. I had nothing to cover myself with but I wasn’t displeased. All I had planned was to take a stroll on a warm summer night at the hiking trails near my neighborhood. Fortunately, it continued to stay warm despite the rain. It was the perfect night. I would do this whenever I was stressed out or was filled with grief. This time it was both. Without hesitation, I gave myself up to nature’s kiss–taking me completely. I remained static this way for quite some time.

Night walks were never out of the ordinary for me–something I did quite often. It was my way of letting go the things I held captive inside of me. For the briefest moment, time is perfectly still and gently my demons would fly off into the far side of the world. Tonight was one of those nights. I paraded through the trail until I reached its peak. My head to my socks were soaked but I didn’t mind. The scenery as I’ve become accustomed to was as astounding as it’s always been; never-failing to prove its magnificence to me. It was an image that I soon imprinted on the walls of my mind. Perhaps it would show up in one of my dreams–a place without a beginning or an end. I wanted to stay here forever. My body was still and my thoughts flushed away in the rain. I couldn’t tell for how long but I enjoyed every minute of it. The same question always prevailed over me, “What are you so afraid of?”

Of course, I could never truly answer. It’s not because I didn’t want to, but I didn’t know how to. That question always ate me up inside. I found myself feeling frustrated and although solace greets me in these places, fear would always come rushing over from the far side of the world to find me once again.


9 Comments on “Strolls on a Rainy Night.

  1. This is perfect. I feel the exact same way about walking, nights, and rain, and those being altogether just make things perfect. I feel like the stars have aligned whenever that happens.


  2. Hi,
    Thanks so much for visiting my site! I am such a newbie that I just lost my comments on my blog page trying to get rid of BLOG over my blog post title. So once I can navigate this terrain, I will try to use visuals. Also, thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it from someone I don’t know.


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