Solvang, CA.


“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” – Saint Augustine

I just got back from taking a trip to Solvang,CA. The city here is so beautiful. I usually don’t like to put up this many pictures for a post but I just had to. Everything from the buildings to the scenery was so colorful and breathtaking. Nature surrounds the entire city. I got a very organic feel to the entire place. Definitely a trip I’d love to go on again in the future.

It feels very surreal that I’m back at home. Already, I’m feeling a restlessness to travel. But more than the excitement, I think what truly makes me fall in love is the liberty I experience. There’s a sense of freedom in doing so along with a lesson. I find it so strange that whenever I go on trips I learn something. Somehow, I gain insight into my very being. As if traveling is a tool used to pry into the very depths of our souls. Only there, am I left with an impression that lingers with me forever. A permanent record of an experience; a lesson in my never-ending journey to find solace apart from home.


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