A visit to LA.

It’s funny how rarely I visit LA despite that I live so close to it. I avoid it most of the time because of just how noisy it is. Which explains why my visits tend to be at night. It’s more enjoyable this way in my opinion. It seems more grand to see all the buildings and streets light up the city. There’s a vibrancy that can only be felt at night opposed to the day. But more than the allure of the city, I find the people I am with to be more worthwhile. The experience definitely grows exponentially. It’s one thing to be here alone, but another for it to be felt with someone.

Which makes me think, “where would I be if it weren’t for the important relationships I have in my life?” To honestly answer that question, I believe I wouldn’t be where I am today. Not that I am solely dependent on people to progress myself, but to just point out how much relationships can shape us. At the end of the night, after everything was over, I realized that I lack appreciation. To be grateful for my friends and loved ones. It’s a blessing to share my experiences with them and for them to share theirs with me. Besides, what is life for it to be lived alone?


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