Breathe in, Breathe out.


Whenever I come face to face with nature, there’s nothing I can do but be still in awe. It’s absolutely breathtaking. I realize how much time I spend in the city and withhold myself from the beauty that nature brings. The more I observe, the more I’m able to see that everything from the grand to the minuscule parts of nature moves and breathes in a harmonious rhythm.

The way the oceans crash and ripples as it glides over the sand, the way the leaves dance in the wind as they are held down by it’s branches to a tree, the way seeds sprout and grow into colorfully painted flowers, and even the way mountains rise and form its majesty. It makes you feel so small compared to our world doesn’t it? I think the most valuable thing I’ve come to realize is that when I’m in the presence of nature, there’s always something it’s able to teach me. The best part is I learn something about myself and it resonates within me forever.


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