Lady in the distance.

Conversations swelled up in volume within the coffee shop as more customers walked in. I became distracted from my work and decided to take a break by studying the people around me. My eyes stopped to a lady that was reading a book. I stared at her from across the distance, but she didn’t notice my gaze.  Her small body occupied the chair by the fire where she quietly read. The noise of the universe fell silent as the woman immersed herself in the depths of her mind–where peace greeted her. I felt more drawn to her the longer I watched, as though my own reality slipped into her world.

My eyes traced the outline of her slim physique. I followed the flow of her dark hair to where they rested lightly on her shoulders, then down to her legs. Though her eyes looked busy from the book, they seemed vacant. It was as if at any moment the life within her eyes could disappear. Once gone it could be filled with the sorrow that lives inside of her. It was in this moment, I humored at the thought that a stranger like her, whom I’ve never talked to or seen, can experience the kind of sorrow that lives inside of me.


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