Embarrassment & Caffeine.


Several days ago, I was at an outdoor cafe by a busy street. A sense of embarrassment enveloped me. “What are you doing? Sit back down! The people around you are staring!” Those were the immediate thoughts I had when I got up from my table to take pictures.
As I stood at the center of the place, something dawned on me and I couldn’t help but find it comedic. We’re all strange and do weird things–so what? Why do we allow ourselves to be so desensitized just because of what others think? Just to fit in with the social norm? I don’t think fear of other people should stop us from doing what makes us happy. Who cares whether it’s strange to others? Don’t limit yourself because of fear. Instead, make choices out of love. I think it’s completely acceptable to live a life that may be different to others and may appear strange to others. We should embrace it! Let’s all delight in being weird with confidence and boldness!


4 Comments on “Embarrassment & Caffeine.

  1. I often get like that too. I get embarrassed to read in public because I know not many people read. But in the moment, it is hard to remember we’re all different, and to not limit yourself to what people are doing around you, especially if it’s not what YOU want to do.


    • I agree and it’s so unfortunate that is how things are. I’m afraid to say that our society does a pretty good job with making people feel discouraged about themselves.

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