Time is of the Essence.



The past few days have been so hectic for me. I even lost track of how long it’s been since my last post. Everything has felt like such a roller-coaster for me. This brings to my attention the concept of time. It’s funny how time tethers itself to life. Almost as if time is sovereign over life. Commanding when and what life should do,and dictating certain moments to happen that only time allows. It makes me feel afraid. How much time do I have left? What am I doing with what time has given? As I think about these things, anxiety creeps deep into my heart; the very force that drives my existence into motion.
My life as of right now has never felt so real. It’s almost as if the life that I’ve lived up until now has just been a web of dreams. It’s as though I can travel within my mind to see them, but with each visit, they grow more and more faint. Like distant memories, they trail off into the dark spaces of my mind and become hard to find. It’s all so strange and unusual to me. Where I am today, who I’ve become, and the direction that I’m going in has never felt so tangible or so clear.
I’m beginning to understand that time won’t wait for anyone. That the world won’t stop for me just because I want it to. That I need to start doing the things that are best for me. I must be disciplined in my pursuit for self-improvement and growth, and this all starts by understanding that time isn’t forever. When the hour is at hand, will I be ready?
Time is of the essence.


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