Ocean waves.

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Whenever I go to the beach, I always find myself standing by the shore, instinctively gazing out into the ocean. Has anyone ever noticed how threatening it actually looks? We’re marveling at a vast body of water where no one really knows its depths. That causes some sort of insecurity for me. But as the ocean forms its mighty waves, they crash against the sand as quickly as they came, simmering down to mere bubbles between my toes. Isn’t it so strange that something so dangerous and unknown, can also be so elegant and gentle?

For a really long time now, I’ve only been able to allow the water to come waist-high and I stop it there. I’m always too afraid of uncertainty being out in such open waters. What if I drown? What if the waves overwhelm me? What if I get thrown around underneath? I’ve been apprehensive for so long. Fearing thoughts of being in neck-deep. Fearing sinking into the dark abyss. Fearing my feet will no longer be able to touch the sand beneath me. All of it. But there’s one significant thing I was unaware of the entire time: It doesn’t matter how frightening the ocean is. The waves can become enormous and terrifying, but it means nothing of how far out and deep I go. It cannot render me powerless for its illusions of fear is fleeting. From the very beginning to the end of everything, the Father has been and will always be holding tightly onto my hand. Through all the treacherous tides, You don’t plan to let go. It is You who leads me.

Lord, I am no longer afraid.


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