Today has been a wonderful day. Sure, it’s rather gloomy and it’s been raining all day long, but I find comfort as the rain pours: the sound of rain crashing onto the ground, the smell of wet asphalt filling the air, and the sensation of raindrops hitting against my skin. People are so quick to find cover from the rain, but why? How often does rain come our way? There’s a certain sense of rhythm that the rain creates and it does a spectacular job to provide its beat for me. I wish its melodious sonnet would never end.

Whenever the rain falls, I find myself spectating over every event that has led me to where I am today, but without much thought. Why do I stay stuck in the past? I think the reason is I have yet to accept those defining moments that governed my life and move on. Every mistake I’ve made and anguish that I’ve felt has just been placed under a veil of deliberate ignorance. They were attempts to escape my own agony, but of course, were to no avail. I’ve tried and tried to hide these things about myself, and when it came close to the surface of my heart, I suppressed them once again. Maybe the best thing to do when it’s raining is to just let it rain.


2 Comments on “Raindrops.

  1. Love your postings. The bridge and fear of heights was especially good. I think we all know that most of our fears are pretty irrational but that does not make them just go away. I think you have to really put effort into it and take one step at a time……

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